5 reasons to vacation in Tulum

Apart from the archaeological site, there are a lot of reasons for which you should come to Tulum for your next vacation. Here, we will share the best reasons for you to explore deeply this dreamy place.


  1. Tulum is near nature and afar from the crowds.

One of the main characteristics of the hotels in Tulum is that they are not properly hotels, this means that they are mostly ecological cabins, but they have all the comfort and amenities as a hotel.

You’ll avoid making lines and you will enjoy a more personalized treatment in every cabin you choose to stay; because rather than being a destination for the masses, Tulum is for travellers who seek for an alternate way of vacationing.


  1. Going out at night in Tulum is quite an experience.

Tulum also offers a nightlife for those who want to party. You will have the opportunity to savor your favorite drink in one of the bars next to the beach while you dance barefoot on the fresh sand. If you rather do something calm, there are also restaurants and bars that have a bohemian touch.



  1. Tulum’s placement is enviable.

This place’s location makes it an excellent departure point to other destinations: it is located between Playa del Carmen (great place for shopping), and Valladolid, a lovely colonial city, in Yucatan. Also, Tulum is surrounded by a surprising amount of fresh-water sinkholes or cenotes, and it is located near Akumal, a place famous for its snorkeling with turtles tours.



  1. Its archeological site has one of the best views of Mexico

The gorgeous view from the archeological site to the ocean is a reason itself to go to Tulum. Zamá, the original Mayan name for the city of Tulum, is the third archeological site in Mexico to welcome the most visitors annually.


  1. Tulum is accessible for every budget.

There are places in Tulum that are at reach to every budget. There can be places you’ll have to spend a bit more for a drink or for accommodation, but also there are places that don’t stray too far from the bohemian and relaxed scene that you are after.



Also, there is a broad variety of tours very near Tulum. Besides, there are a great deal of fresh-water sinkholes or cenotes that are available for a fair price. And finally, to walk on Tulum’s beaches, the most beautiful of all the Mexican Caribbean, is free!


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Maffer Felguérez

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