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So you’ve already decided that your next vacations are going to be on a beach, and that you don’t want to stay in an all inclusive hotel with lots of rooms and people around the places you want to eat or rest. You have decided that you want a relaxing, exclusive and comfortable site, but above all, it has to be a hotel that is committed with its environmental practices.


More and more people each day are changing their habits to reduce their ecological footprint. If you are one of those people, you will be happy to know that the great majority of the hotels and cabins in Tulum have an environmental commitment.


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Among the most common practices the hotels and cabins have are; to include a rainwater collection system that is useful for watering the gardens and also for avoiding the erosion of the dunes. A lot of them have acquired solar panels to generate their electric energy. We should mention that some of those places shut off the electricity at night to save energy, although you shouldn’t worry about the heat because, at the beach, there is no better cooling system than a palm tree and the ocean breeze, even inside the cabin.

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Also, hotels and restaurants make composts with the waste they generate, avoiding the use of artificial fertilizers. And speaking of waste separation, the main activities of those places are to reduce, reuse and recycle.
So there you have it. Go pack your bags and get ready to have a guilt-free vacation, and a sustainable rest using biodegradable products during your stay in Riviera Maya and the Mexican Caribbean.


Translation by:

Maffer Felguérez