As we mentioned in our previous blog post, one of the reasons to vacation in Tulum, is that it has an enviable location to be a departure point to many of Riviera Maya and Cancun’s attractions.   Akumal is a famous destination for being the home of three species of sea turtles that exist in the world. They are found just 25 minutes from Tulum.   In Akumal you’ll find the ideal site to have a marvelous experience with the turtles because there you will find them in their natural

So you’ve already decided that your next vacations are going to be on a beach, and that you don’t want to stay in an all inclusive hotel with lots of rooms and people around the places you want to eat or rest. You have decided that you want a relaxing, exclusive and comfortable site, but above all, it has to be a hotel that is committed with its environmental practices.   More and more people each day are changing their habits to reduce their ecological footprint. If you are one

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