Xel Ha: An Aquatic Wonder Near Tulum

One of the most popular things to do in Tulum is to pay a visit the Xel Ha park, a Riviera Maya excursion like no other!


Float calmly down the Xel Ha river on an inner tube (highly recommended for those who want to get a spectacular tan) or snorkel and swim at your own pace a little more than a kilometer until you reach the end of the river at a fabulous lagoon. You will end up right in front of the main restaurant. This is perfect because after this activity I can guarantee that you’ll be hungry! This all inclusive Riviera Maya theme park is known for offering incredible treats and delicious food at each of the 4 restaurants.


Picture: Xel Ha


Xel Ha recently opened a new Riviera Maya attraction full of adrenaline that was made for the more adventurous members of the family. It is the “Faro Mirador”, a 40 meter tall tower with spectacular views and with 4 exciting waterslides reach the bottom. This new attraction of Xel Há has a 360º view and is truly breathtaking.



Picture: Marhu Barreto


If you are seeking relaxation, the Xel Ha hammock gardens are ideal! Although with more than 90 marine species making the park home, you’ll definitely want to snorkel Xel Ha. If you are interested in seeing fish like barracudas, parrot fish or snapper we recommend swimming near the floating bridge where you’ll be amazed by the fishy friends you’ll make.



Picture: Xel Ha


If navigating the river, snorkeling in the cove, launching yourself down one of the slides and delighting the palate with an exquisite meal is not enough for you, hold on! The Xel Há Park ziplines will thrill you and a variety of guided tours will educate, you can even plant a tree and baptize it with a name.

There are so many reasons to visit this park! If you have kids in the family, the Children’s World area of ​​Xel Há will be most entertaining for them with a very special treehouse, toys for the little ones and a perfect slide for the younger set. Family travel in the Riviera Maya at its very best!


Xel Ha awaits you with a fun filled day!

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